Kaluga Turbine Works has completed installation supervision of power equipment in Belarus

04 february 2021

The Kaluga Turbine Works has completed the installation supervision of turbine units of the TG 8.0/10.5P2.5/0.7 type at the production site of Omsk Carbon Mogilev FLLC in the Republic of Belarus.

Previously, KTZ manufactured two turbine units with a total capacity of 16 MW for the customer. The turbines are of condensing type, equipped with active controlled steam extraction system. Products consist of a two-velocity stage and eleven pressure stages. Steam is extracted from the first stage chamber.

Turbine units produced by KTZ will provide the Omsk Carbon Mogilev plant with electricity for its own needs and steam from a regulated extraction for the industrial needs of the enterprise.

Omsk Carbon Mogilev FLLC produces carbon black in the Republic of Belarus, sells products in the domestic and foreign markets. Construction of the Omsk Carbon Mogilev plant began in 2014.