Kaluga Turbine Works to produce power equipment for the Uralskaya CHPP (Kazakhstan)

26 august 2020

According to the agreement concluded by the Kaluga Turbine Works and the Zhaiykteploenergo company, KTZ will manufacture and deliver a set of power equipment consisting of a steam turbine, a generator and an automatic control system (ACS STU) to the Uralskaya CHPP (City of Uralsk, Kazakhstan).

A 12 MW condensing turbine and a generator will operate as a part of a turbine unit that will replace the outdated equipment of the plant Power Unit 1. PT-12 type turbines manufactured by KTZ have a separate steam extraction system. The heating steam extraction will provide the city of Uralsk with heat energy, and industrial extraction is intended for the internal consumption of the combined heat and power plant. Equipment delivery is scheduled for July 2021.

Uralskaya CHPP is a local thermal power plant owned by Zhaiykteploenergo JSC in Kazakhstan. The combined heat and power plant provides the city of Uralsk with heat and electric energy, its electric power capacity is 59 MW.

For reference:

Currently, two steam turbines produced by KTZ are operating at the Uralskaya CHPP as part of the turbine units. The first one with a capacity of 12 MW was installed in 1969 at the Power Unit No. 3. The second one was installed at the Power Unit No. 2 in 1994. Both items continue to function properly.