Mission. Vision. Values

Mission. Vision. Values


Provide reliable and efficient integrated solutions to meet the needs of the global power grid, continuously improving our technologies and business processes.


To hold one of the leading positions in the power engineering market of Russia and CIS countries and to be a key player in the global market.


  • Attention to customers

    The Company exists only because of its customers. As an organization and individual employees, we respect and value our customers, both external and internal.

    By internal customers, we also mean colleagues, employees, manager.

    By external customers, we mean not only consumers of final products, but also partners, suppliers, other stakeholders with whom we interact.

    We carefully examine their needs and respond promptly to their demands. We develop with them, for them, faster than them, to exceed their expectations, anticipate and meet their future needs.

    It is for the sake of our customers that we build new production facilities, manufacture new products, improve our technologies, processes and increase the level of service.

  • Efficiency and responsiveness

    Efficiency and responsiveness is the ability and desire to quickly and correctly do the right things the first time; it is the ability to react flexibly and quickly to a changing situation, using resources as effectively as possible, creating only the things we do best, seeking to balance short - and long term results.

    Everyone has the right to make a mistake, but it should not be repeated. We strive to learn not only from the successes and mistakes of our organization, teams, and employees but also, most significantly, to take into account the experience of others. We openly share our successes and lessons with each other.

  • Focus on innovation

    We strive to achieve the best results, to implement innovations and continuously improve on the basis of best practices, surpassing them and creating new ones.

    We implement innovations and improve our technologies and production processes.

    We strive to anticipate the customer's request and offer new solutions and products.

  • Teamwork

    We are a team of like-minded people who share common values.

    Each of us contributes to the achievement of corporate and team goals.

    Our actions are based on trust, cooperation, responsibility for making and implementing decisions. We deal effectively with complex situations for the benefit of the organization, teams, and employees.

    We use the potential and professionalism of all team members, give them the opportunity to do what they can do best.

    We periodically evaluate team performance and progress, participate in the development of improvement plans, and take responsibility for actions to improve team efficiency and engagement.

  • Respect for people

    Creation of attractive jobs and a positive atmosphere in the working team depends on the joint efforts of the organization as a whole but also managers and individual employees.

    Together we create decent working conditions, stable employment. We provide the opportunity and authority to solve interesting tasks, important for business and an employee.

    We fairly evaluate, express gratitude and reward employees for the result. We take into account and value the contributions, talents, differences, and opinions of each individual within the overall goals of the team and the entire organization.

    We create conditions and encourage development, initiative, and responsibility, internal promotion.

    We fulfill our commitments, create and promote an atmosphere of mutual respect, tolerance, and support.

  • Safety

    We believe that no purpose can justify violation of occupational safety or disregard for human life and well-being.

    We create and maintain safe working conditions and care for the health of our employees.

    We strive to prevent environmental pollution, to use energy and natural resources economically and rationally.