For shareholders and investors

Consistency, transparency, efficiency are the basic values that underlie the implementation of corporate governance core principles by the Company:

Respect for shareholders and investors rights

PJSC "Kaluga Turbine Works" guarantees shareholders the possibility to freely exercise their rights, including the rights to participate in the general meeting, receive dividends and access to full reliable information about the Company.

Equal treatment of shareholders

PJSC "Kaluga Turbine Works" ensures equal, fair and law-based treatment of all shareholders of the Company, regardless of the number of shares owned by them and the legal status.

Transparency of procedures

The process of implementation of all corporate procedures is governed by relevant local regulations. All documents are available to shareholders and potential investors on the corporate website.

Disclosure of information

By disclosing reliable information on all substantive issues, including financial position, performance, ownership structure, affiliates lists, securities information, etc., PJSC “Kaluga Turbine Works” remains a reliable partner and an object of investment.

Board of directors efficiency

The corporate governance system of Kaluga Turbine Works ensures proper control of the Company's management by the Board of Directors. The focus of the Board of Directors activity is to stimulate the growth of Company's profitability, as well as to comprehensively protect the interests of shareholders and maximize the efficiency of their investments in the Company.