Kaluga Turbine Works Announces the Launch of the TechnoChallenge Open Technical Competition for Developers of Control Programs and Manufacturing Processes.

25 january 2021

PJSC Kaluga Turbine Works calls for cooperation engineering companies, talented engineers and specialists with competencies in the areas of procurement, assembly and welding production, professionals in the field of mechanical processing and assembly of large-scale equipment.

The participants will face the task of creating and justifying their projects of technological solutions for the manufacture of diaphragms, rotors, O-rings, cage sectors and other components, to be followed by implementation of those solutions in a batch of products in accordance with the quality, performance and minimum costs requirements.

The winner will receive a cash reward of 20% of the confirmed annual economic benefit.

"We are expecting to receive proposals and projects for development of the technologies related to the range of items manufactured by our Plant. In connection with the above, the TechnoChallenge project has been launched – a platform intended for communication and collaboration with all concerned parties for the purpose of implementing the joint projects aimed at creating competitive high-tech power equipment." – Ivan Sergeyevich Serbin, Technical Director of PJSC Kaluga Turbine Works, says.

As part of this project, PJSC Kaluga Turbine Works will provide participants with input data on the chosen areas, will provide expert and consulting assistance while also providing access to production equipment for manufacture of an experimental batch of products at the implementation stage.

In January 2021, registration on the project's website http://technochallenge.paoktz.ru was opened, where potential participants can get an overview of main types of the equipment and technological operations, as well as apply for participation in the project.