Kaluga Turbine Works to manufacture and deliver turbines for Krasnoyarskaya CHPP-1

24 november 2020

Kaluga Turbine Works (KTZ) and the Siberian Generating Company signed an agreement for the supply of two sets of condensing steam turbines for the Krasnoyarskaya CHPP-1 of the Siberian Generating Company.

According to the agreement, KTZ will manufacture condensing steam turbines of the T-35/55-1.3 type with an electric capacity of 35 MW in the heating mode and at least 55 MW in the condensing mode. New turbines are intended for Power Units No. 7 and 8 of Krasnoyarskaya CHPP-1.

The products will be equipped with controlled steam extraction for district heating and will provide steam to the plant line heaters. In addition to turbines, KTZ will manufacture auxiliary equipment: a condenser, ejectors, oil supply system, in-turbine pipelines with fittings. The delivery set will also include low-pressure heaters of PN-200 type and electronic control parts of the automatic control system.

KTZ has started the first stage of production - the development of design documentation. The plant's technicians will visit Krasnoyarskaya CHPP-1 to adapt the equipment to local conditions, as new turbines will be installed on the existing foundations of the CHPP.

Krasnoyarskaya CHPP-1 is one of the largest in Siberia. It has been operating since 1943 and follows the path of constant modernization and updating of the main equipment. The plant work is carried out within the state program for the modernization of generating facilities of thermal power plants in Russia for 2022-2024. (COMMod).